New Xenia Coin, backed by mainstream investments announces their ICO

February 12 19:13 2018

Xenia Coin is the latest addition to the cryptocurrency world on which the platform relies to run. It Announces its ICO for the 15th of February 2018, Xenia Coin will have a total token supply of 200,000,000. The coin acts as the digital currency of all the offerings of the website that hosts the six38 peer-to-peer venture capital platform. The offerings are as following:

  • An integrated coin exchange (Six38CoinTrader)
  • An online cooperative (Reach-Out)
  • The Six38 crypto store.
  • Commodity brands (Six38CBEI)
  • Xenia capital (Real Estate and Mining)
  • Xenia Draw
  • Xenia Teller (Remittances for Africa and Taxi Ride within one app)
  • A lending Platform
  • AltCoin mining

With the cryptocurrency market revolutionizing the world market, there are a number of coins that are available nowadays. However, unlike a lot of other cryptocurrencies, Xenia coin is backed by mainstream investors such as Jeidsam Conglomerate and Six38ppn among others. This means that there are fewer chances of fluctuations in the value because it is based on the real-world assets. These assets are selected by using strategic asset allocation to reduce the risk and increase the growth potential.

Xenia Coin offers stability to the coin holders as it is backed by major investors with good assets, which also makes it less prone to volatile fluctuations experienced by most of the other cryptocurrencies. It also increases the potential of earning a better return on investments. Since the coin uses diversified assets to ensure that the value is diversified, it is more resilient to the sudden changes in the crypto market. Additionally, it is also backed by liquid investment portfolio for further reducing the risk as faced by the other digital currencies.

Six38ppn and the Xenia coin together will have quite a lot to offer in the coming future. The Six38ppn is a financial growth platform created to provide everyone the opportunity to access funding needed to build ideas and expand their businesses.

Xenia Coin also offers a mobile application that serves as a peer2peer send and receive remittance service, primarily to serve migrants and Africans in diaspora and this peer-to-peer payment is instant to anyone in the world and connect XeniaTeller users with a network of physical locations closest to them where they can either add or withdraw cash to/from their XeniaTeller wallet, incorporated within the XeniaTeller app one is able to call up a taxi ride but payment is mainly settled in digital currency  XENIACOIN or any other acceptable coin from the wallet of the app (this function reduces the fee for the drivers, instead of the traditional 15-25% charged by competing applications only 5% is charged to the driver and 3% is banked in a serving wallet for the rider, this way both the driver and the rider are incentivized.

It also plans to introduce the next-gen ATMs that will act as a full-service terminal coupled with the Xenia pre-paid card, which will, in turn, allow the Six38ppn platform to obtain a market share in the payment industry. Using these ATMs and pre-paid card, the investors on the Six38ppn platform will be able to easily and safely withdraw funds.

After the ICO is launched, the investors will be able to invest in the ERC-20 token through an e-wallet that can support the token. The investors will receive the tokens in the same account through which the tokens are purchased. There will also be a public key presented on the platform after the ICO launch and the investors will need to register for an account and send an equivalent amount to the public account.  The KYC approval before the allocation of the tokens will prevent the risk of stealing.

More information about the Xenia coin ICO can be found at

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